CityDance Studios, a division of CityDance, is committed to sharing the joy, enrichment and transformative connection of dance with everyone. Studios offers high quality, in-person classes for youth students ages 18 months to 18 years in a variety of genres in Washington DC. There is no audition requirement and all classes are open for online registration.


Classes Offered:

Parent & Me (Ages 18 months-2 years): A fun, interactive experience for you and your child. Play and learn creatively through movement, songs, and games.

Creative Movement (Ages 3-5): Creative movers explore rhythm, coordination, and imagination. Dancers follow a class structure where they learn to listen and follow verbal and musical directions. Little ones build strength and confidence in a welcoming and fun environment.

Ballet (Ages 4-18): Learn the fundamentals of classical ballet technique. Dancers learn traditional terminology and class structure while developing technique and discipline.

Flamenco (Ages 7-10): Learn the basics of Flamenco dance, including upper body (braceo), the rhythms (palos), palmas (hand-clapping), footwork (taconeo), and even some Spanish.

Hip Hop (Ages 4-18): Learn the fundamentals of hip hop. Classes focus on movements that emphasize building coordination, confidence, and self-expression.

Jazz (Ages 4-18): Learn the fundamentals of jazz dance. Classes focus on technique and terminology, as well as rhythm, isolations, and expression accompanied by jazz music.

Modern (Ages 4-18): Learn the fundamentals of modern dance. Classes focus on technique and terminology, floor work, improvisation, and developing self-expression.

K-Pop (11-18): Dancers learn iconic dances from popular K-Pop groups in this fun, weekly class.

Musical Theater Jazz (Ages 11-18): Dancers learn the fundamentals of traditional jazz technique with an added emphasis of storytelling through acting by learning fun routines set to their favorite musical numbers.

Tap (Ages 4-18): Learn the fundamentals of tap dance. Dancers explore terminology, rhythm, coordination, and musicality, with an increased focus on sequencing and introduction to the history of tap.


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