CityDance’s Young Training Program provides students ages eight to 12 with a high-quality, engaging, and developmentally appropriate dance curriculum, specifically designed for young, talented students who are tracked to one day enter our Conservatory. The program provides training across classical ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, Sri Lankan, Afro-Pop, and Umfundalei, as well as challenging repertory and presentations in the Conservatory annual performance seasons. Supported by our world-class faculty and in-house and guest choreographers, each child is guided by an individualized program designed to meet their unique needs, gifts and goals as they train towards entrance into our pre-professional and professional training program.

Enrollment is by audition, either through an in-class evaluation during a regularly scheduled class or a scheduled audition. Learn more about our audition process here, or email, and we will contact you to discuss the program further.

In the summer of 2022, CityDance School & Conservatory began operating in two distinct divisions of CityDance: CityDance Conservatory, directed by Lorraine Spiegler; and CityDance Studios, directed by Ivy Chow, offering enriching dance classes, camps, and experiences for everyone. Learn more about CityDance Studios and enroll online here.

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