CityDance Studios, a division of CityDance, is committed to sharing the joy, enrichment and transformative connection of dance with everyone. Studios offers high quality, in-person classes for adults in a variety of genres with multiple registration options (full session or drop-in) in Washington DC. Enjoy classes in ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, tap, zumba, African, and more taught by Studios’s esteemed teaching faculty. Classes are open to ages 16 and up.



Beginner (0 years of experience): A class for true beginners. Learn the basic fundamentals of dance and progress through classes and courses that will build confidence in whatever style you choose.

Advanced Beginner (1-4 years of experience): Prior dance class experience and some knowledge of dance terminology and class etiquette recommended. Class moves at a steady pace, but the teacher is not breaking down the steps and demonstrating as often.

Intermediate (5-8 years experience): Comprehensive understanding and proficiency in discipline and general dance terminology recommended. Begin to explore more intricate choreography while polishing your technical skills. Learn to pick up combinations quickly with confidence.

Advanced (9+ years experience): Previous extensive dance experience recommended. Immerse yourself in professional level choreography and exercises. Improve your musicality, performance quality, technique and improvisation skills.

All Levels: Open to all ages and levels of experience. A fun, challenging class great for first timers as well as seasoned dancers.


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