2024 Season

CityDance Conservatory Dancers have received outstanding awards and accolades over the past several years at Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP), the worlds’s largest student ballet competition, as well as other world renowned competitions. Through intensive training and mentorship, we prepare our students to present their solos works, and experience competing at the highest level.

2024 Youth America Grand Prix Finals 

  • Simon Tischler: made it to final round, accepted full scholarship to John Cranko School in Germany for the next season

2024 Youth America Grand Prix Regionals

  • Faculty: Best Teacher Award (Boston)
  • Ruth Kwon and Simon Tischler: 1st Place Overall (Boston)
  • Ruth Kwon: Tied for 2nd place Classical, Top 12 (Boston)
  • Ayla Flowers: Top 12 Classical, Top 12 Contemporary (Boston)
  • Simon Tischler: 1st place Classical, 2nd place Contemporary (Boston)
  • Lucian DeBellis: 2nd place Classical, Top 24 Contemporary (Chicago)
  • Ella Berton: 2nd place Classical, Top 24 Contemporary
  • Pelageya Brazhnikova: Top 12 Classical, Top 12 Contemporary (New York)
  • Sophia Campbell: Top 12 Classical (New York) 

2024 New York City Dance Alliance 

  • Sophia Diro: Platinum score (Baltimore)
  • Sophia Blucker: Platinum score (Baltimore)
  • Leah Bulson: Platinum score, 5th place (Baltimore)
  • Ayla Flowers: Platinum score, 3rd place (Baltimore)
  • Reese Canterna: Platinum score, Outstanding Dancer Runner Up (Baltimore)
  • Ace Avery: Platinum score (Baltimore)
  • Avani Agarwal: Platinum score, Outstanding Dancer Runner Up (Baltimore)
  • Brianna DeLauder: Platinum score (Baltimore)
  • Eliana Clash-Drexler: Platinum score (Baltimore)
  • Sophia Zhang: Platinum score, Outstanding Dancer Runner Up (Pittsburgh)
  • Sophia Campbell: Platinum score, Outstanding Dancer (Pittsburgh)


  • Naomi Taylor: Gold ($10,000 Lancôme Scholarship) 
  • Sophia Blocker: Silver
  • Skylar Mason: Silver


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Past Awards and Achievements

YAGP Awards

  • Corbin Holloway: Grand Prix Award (Boston 2023)
  • Rebecca Stewart: Youth Grand Prix (New York 2021)
  • Corbin Holloway: Youth Grand Prix (Pittsburgh 2021 and Boston 2021)
  • Larissa Nugent: Youth Grand Prix (Philadelphia 2012)
  • Eric Poor: Hope Award (Pittsburgh 2020 and Boston 2021)
  • Corbin Holloway: Hope Award (New York 2018 and Pittsburgh 2019 )
  • Rebecca Stewart: Hope Award (New York 2018)

YAGP Outstanding Teacher Awards

  • CityDance Faculty (Boston 2023) 
  • CityDance Faculty (Boston 2024) 
  • CityDance Ballet Master, Stanislav Issaev (Pittsburgh 2019)

YAGP Outstanding School Awards

  • CityDance Conservatory (Boston 2021)
  • CityDance Conservatory (Philadelphia 2017)
  • CityDance School and Conservatory (Denver 2014)

Prix de Lausanne Finalist 

  • Makani Yerg (2018)

YoungArts Foundation Finalist 

  • Jade Diouf (2019)


  • Naomi Taylor: Gold ($10,000 Lancôme Scholarship) (2024)
  • Gisele Sonnier: Gold ($10,000 Lancôme Scholarship) (2023)
  • Bianca Calá: Gold ($10,000 Lancôme Scholarship) (2022)

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