CityDance is a leading nonprofit dance institution serving the national capital region. At our studio and community sites located across the national capital region, CityDance trains young dancers for professional careers, nurtures talent and achievement through dance, and works to advance the field of professional dance. Anchored in a belief that diversity advances excellence, CityDance works to create opportunities that promote equitable access to dance education and performance. We build programming centered on the unique cultures, histories and voices of the communities, artists and students with whom we partner. We further our mission through three divisions:


CityDance Conservatory

Developing the next generation of dance artists and innovators through pre/professional training.

CityDance Studios

Sharing the joy, enrichment and transformative connection of dance with everyone.

CityDance Presents

Bringing world-class dance to local stages.


The VIVA School of Dance is born out of CityDance’s award-winning DREAM program, founded in 2005. In May 2021, CityDance began transitioning CityDance DREAM into its own 501c3 organization. This decision was a result of DREAM’s success and evolution, and its growth from a CityDance program into a pre-professional dance school with its own mission, vision, and identity. As part of this transition, we changed our name to The VIVA School of Dance. The VIVA School now operates as an independent division of CityDance and is overseen by a Governing Board of Directors led by Chairwoman Kim Alfonso. All members of The VIVA School Governing Board continue to serve as members of the CityDance Board. Visit The VIVA School website to learn more.


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