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Ivy Chow (MFA, BS) is a dance director, educator, choreographer and artist. Born in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, she relocated and performed professionally in the Graduate Program at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, studying under Roberto Munoz, Dennis Marshall and Terrence Orr. Ivy later received her Bachelor of Science degree in Ballet Performance from Indiana University, and studied daily with Violette Verdy, Michael Vernon and Jacques Cesbron. While there she worked with Russell Kaiser, Cynthia Gregory, Sandra Jennings, Deborah Wingert and Lori Belilove. She has taught for Indiana University Pre-College Ballet, Indiana University college ballet elective, was an adjunct faculty at American University teaching ballet and has taught for CityDance since 2009. Ivy received her Master in Fine Arts in Dance from The George Washington University and is also director and choreographer of I.C. Movement Project, a contemporary ballet company. She has also performed with Washington, D.C. companies Shu-Chen Cuff’s Gin Dance Company, Asanga Domask’s SerendibDance, S. J. Ewing and Dancers and Kyoko Ruch's KyokoDansu. 

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