3,662 miles away, the CityDance legacy continues to flourish within the walls of London’s Royal Ballet School. Pointe Magazine recently featured former CityDance Conservatory students Rebecca Stewart and Corbin Holloway, following them through a typical day at the school and providing everyone back home a snapshot of their new venture.

Since enrolling in the year-round program last fall, Rebecca and Corbin have had to adapt to British culture, adjust to new teaching methods, and find ways of remaining connected to family and friends. They’ve also had incredible opportunities to learn from world-renowned instructors, take academic classes that intersect with their studio training, and see performances by The Royal Ballet. CityDance is immensely proud of all that Rebecca and Corbin continue to accomplish and we are fortunate to have played a role in their artistic journeys.



Learn more about their experience in Pointe Magazine’s featured article, A Day in the Life at London’s Royal Ballet School.