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CityDance Ignite Artist Sarah J. Ewing has had a productive few months in quarantine creating TechneVR@Home. Techne is a dance film that merges interactive projections and contemporary dance, filmed in 360 degrees, and designed to be experienced in virtual reality. Originally conceived as an in-person installation, it was completely reimagined to adapt to the impact of COVID-19. The project brings together the expertise of Sarah’s longtime collaborators, Dylan Uremovich (interactive projection artist) and Jonathan Hsu (photo and video expertise), with an original score by Conservatory alumna / Juilliard student Jade Diouf. Techne follows several years of projects that merge dance and technology, and it is the creative team’s first exploration into how to leverage VR to provide unique and authentic artistic experiences as we all continue to navigate our new reality.

Stay up-to-date on the project at sjewing.com/techne.

This work was supported by an FY20 DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities Project and Festival Grant.
Created and filmed during quarantine following strict CDC guidelines.
Projections and Programming: Dylan Uremovich
Photos and Filming: Jonathan Hsu
Music: Jade Diouf
Concept / Performance: Sarah J. Ewing