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CityDance Ignite Artist & Choreographer-in-Residence Robert J. Priore presents Cirque de Nuit, an evening-length performance by his company, PrioreDance, at Atlas Performing Arts Center on Thursday, September 13 & Friday, September 14.

About the Performance: Cirque de Nuit, which translates to “Circus of the Night,” will reflect a fantasy-esque world ruled by jesters and exotic misfits. Imagined in the times where traveling circuses and gypsies roamed from town to town, the movement style of each individual character will be built to shift between mischief and virtuosity, littered with historic folklore and unimaginable talent. The solidarity of the performers comes in their choice to band together with their individual quirks and rarities to entertain the masses during the day, and relate to one another after the audiences have left and the show has ended. Drawing inspiration from  the nomadic and temporary nature of the sideshow lifestyle, the evening-length performance will capture the enchanting story of a community of societal outcasts that come together to create magic both inside and outside of the circus tent. The performance provides a lens into a fairytale story that can easily translate to anyone who finds themselves feeling awkward or one-of-a-kind in today’s hectic world.

Tickets & more information available here.

Photo Credit: haus of bambi