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Little Movers (Ages 3-7)

CityDance @ Rockville 1570 E Jefferson Street | Rockville, MD 20852

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2019-2020 Schedule 

Classes run from Tuesday, September 3, 2019 -  Friday, May 22, 2020 

Dance classes designed to emphasize creativity and introduce technique, for dancers ages 3-7. Developed by Lorraine Spiegler, CityDance School & Conservatory Artistic Director & dance educator for 25 + years, classes are rooted in a fundamental understanding of children’s basic developmental phases.

All Little Movers get the exciting chance to dance in the culminating Children and Youth Concert on the main stage at Strathmore Music Center in May.


4:30-5:30pm Razzmatazz Jazz (Ages 5-7)
5:30-6:30pm Flamenco 1 (Ages 6-9)
5:30-6:30pm Tap (Ages 5-7)


4:15-5pm Pre-Ballet A/B (Ages 4-5)
5-6pm Ballet Beginner B (Ages 6-7)
6-7pm Ballet 1 (Ages 7-9)*


4:30-5:30pm Hip Hop Little Movers (Ages 5-7)


4:30-5:30pm Ballet Beginner A (Ages 5-6)
5:30-6:30pm Modern 1 (Ages 7-9)*
6:30-7:30pm Jazz 1 (Ages 7-9)*


9:15-10am Creative Movers FALL (Ages 3-5)
9:15-10am Creative Movers SPRING (Ages 3-5) 
9:15-10am Pre-Ballet A/B (Ages 4-5)
9:45-10:30am Creative Movers SPRING (Ages 3-5)

10-11am Ballet Beginner A (Ages 5-6)
10-11am Contemporary Movers (Ages 5-7)
11am-12pm Ballet Beginner B (Ages 6-7)
11am-12pm Modern 1 (Ages 7-9)*
12-1pm Ballet 1 (Ages 7-9)*
1-2pm Hip Hop 1/2 (Ages 7-9)*
2-3pm Jazz 1/2 (Ages 7-9)*

*Ages 7-9 classes are by placement only. All students in all classes will be evaluated and placed in the appropriate level at the beginning of the school year.

Pricing for 45 min class/week is $820 and for one hour/week is $914. All classes have an additional $85 performance fee per class. Creative Movers classes are available by session for $410 in the fall and $495 in the spring. Classes run September 3, 2019 through May 22, 2020.

CityDance 2019-2020 Calendar and Important Dates

September 3 (Tue) School Year Begins

September 7 (Sat) School & Conservatory Audition Date at Strathmore

September 14 (Sat)  School & Conservatory Audition Date at Rockville

September 28 (Sat) Moscow Ballet’s Nutcracker Audition at Rockville

September 29 (Sun) Moscow Ballet’s Nutcracker Rehearsals Begin at Rockville

November 16 (Sat) CityDance Summer Intensive Audition at Strathmore

November 26 - December 1 (Tue-Sun) Fall / Thanksgiving Break

TBD Creating the Magic Dress / Tech Rehearsals

December 6-8 (Fri-Sun) Creating the Magic Weekend I

December 13-14 (Fri-Sat) Creating the Magic Weekend II

December 15-16 (Sun-Mon) Moscow Ballet’s Nutcracker Concerts at Strathmore (Sunday,12/15 at 2 & 7pm / Monday, 12/16 at 8pm)

December 22 - January 5 (Sun-Sun) Winter Break

January 1 (Wed) Deadline to inform CityDance Managing Director if you / your child will not be in the year-end performance

January 6 (Mon) First Day of Classes after Winter Break

January 13-18 (Mon-Sat) Parent Observation Week: Little Movers / Lower School & Upper School

January 18 (Sat) Last Day of Fall Session for Creative Movers Class

January 20 (Mon) First Day of Spring Session for Creative Movers Class

January 26 (Sun) CityDance Summer Intensive Audition at DREAM Center

February 10 (Mon) CityDance Summer Intensive Audition at Rockville

March 21 (Sat) CityDance Summer Intensive Audition at Strathmore

April 4 (Sat) Children & Youth Dress Rehearsal, Upper School Show Act I at Strathmore (9am-5pm)

April 5 (Sun) Children & Youth Dress Rehearsal, Upper School Show Act II at Strathmore (9am-5pm)

April 6-12 (Mon-Sun) Spring Break

April 26 (Sun) Children & Youth Dress Rehearsal, Little Movers / Lower School Show at Rockville (9am-5pm)

TBD Conservatory Concert Dress / Tech Rehearsals

May 2 (Sat) CityDance Summer Intensive Audition at Strathmore

May 9 (Sat) Conservatory Concert

May 10 (Sun) Conservatory Concert

May 17 (Sun) C&Y Extra Rehearsal Day at Rockville

May 19 (Tue) Last Day of Classes for Upper School

May 21 (Thu) Last Day of Classes for Lower School/Little Movers

May 20 (Wed) Children & Youth Technical Rehearsal for Upper School Act I at Strathmore Music Hall (3pm-9pm)

May 21 (Thu) Children & Youth Technical Rehearsal for Upper School Act II at Strathmore Music Hall (3pm-9pm)

May 22 (Fri) Children & Youth Technical Rehearsal for Lower School/Little Movers at Strathmore Music Hall (2pm-6:30pm)

May 23 (Sat) Children & Youth Concert at Strathmore Music Hall


May 24-31 (Mon-Sun) Memorial Day Break: CityDance Closed

**There will be Conservatory Concert Dress Rehearsals scheduled prior to the concert. 

The classes will continue until the day of the performance.

Little Movers Faculty

Asanga Domask

Managing Director, CityDance School

Joan Ayap

DREAM, School & Conservatory & Little Movers

Adjetey Klufio

Faculty, DREAM, POP! and School & Conservatory

Yolit Yospe

Faculty, Flamenco


CityDance@Strathmore 5301 Tuckerman Lane, North Bethesda MD 20852

CityDance@Rockville 1570 E Jefferson Street, Rockville MD 20852

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