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CityDance Code of Conduct

CityDance believes that all students have the right to a safe, pleasant, and healthy educational atmosphere.  It is our obligation to promote mutual respect, tolerance, and acceptance among our students, faculty, and staff. 

Proper Etiquette at Strathmore

•   Please keep your voices down in the Education Center hallways so as not to disturb classes, performances, and special events within the classrooms.

•   It is necessary to keep the hallways on the 3rd and 4th floors clear and easy to pass through especially around the elevators so that guests, faculty, students, and staff of other Strathmore partners may safely walk by.

•   Shoes and proper cover ups must be worn at all times outside of the studios. Absolutely no bare feet outside of the Education Center lobby.

•   There is no parking or dropping off in the Strathmore Mansion parking lot.  Please use the meters on Tuckerman Lane and the Metro Garage to park.  Please use the circle drive on Tuckerman Lane to drop off.

•   Helium balloons are not permitted anywhere in the building

•   Food is not permitted in the studios or the Education Center lobby.  Please eat all food in the Cafe area.

•   Gum is not permitted in the studios.

Proper Etiquette at Rockville

•   CityDance students and parents are not permitted to use the side entrance that opens directly onto E Jefferson St.  This entrance is for ADI staff only.

•   There is no food permitted in the studios or dressing rooms.  Please eat all food in the lobby area or outside at the tables.

•   The playroom is available for young children to use.  Please remember to clean the space before you leave.

•   Gum is not permitted in the studios.

CityDance School & Conservatory Dress Code

Students are required to adhere to the CityDance dress code. All genres are required to wear a leotard except Hip Hop.  No street shoes may be worn on marley floors. Loose jewelry is prohibited. We recommend purchasing uniforms from Footlights Dance and Theatre Boutique.

CityDance students and families can recieve 10% off online and in-store purchases with the code CITYDANCE10.


938 Wayne Avenue

Silver Spring, MD


306 E. Church Street

Frederick, MD


Dress Code By Genre:

Ballet: Leotard, Pink footed tights, Pink ballet slippers

Modern: Leotard, Black footless tights or leggings, bare feet

Jazz: Leotard, Black jazz pants, Black jazz shoes (any style)

Hip Hop: Comfortable clothing, Clean-soled sneakers

Afro-Pop: Leotard, Black footless tights or leggings, Bare feet

Umfundalai: Leotard, Black footless tights or leggings, Bare feet

Sri Lankan: Leotard, Black footless tights or leggings, Black wrap skirt, Bare feet

Flamenco/Russian Character: Leotard, Black character skirt, Black character shoes

Tap: Leotard, Black jazz pants, Black tap shoes

Boy's Attire: Plain white t-shirt, Black leggings or jazz pants, Proper shoes for each genre

Leotard Color By Level:

Little Movers: Light blue

Lower School: Navy blue

Upper School: Black

For a more detailed look at uniforms, including suggested styles and boy's attire, click on THIS LINK.