On March 10th, CityDance Conservatory advanced students appeared with Adjetej Klufio in his performance at DC’s Atlas Performing Arts Center of “The Noble Mind: Chronicles of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.”  The piece, created and choreographed by Klufio, tells the story of Ghanaian leader, Dr. Nkrumah who began the Gold Coast’s independence movement, thus inspiring similar political movements throughout Africa.  With live drumming accompaniment, spoken word, and traditional Ghanaian dance, the one-hour performance enlivened the audience with its poignancy and inspired depiction of this significant African leader who endured prison for his beliefs but went on to become Prime Minister and President of Ghana. 


Klufio is an artist who deeply values connection, whether to his motherland of Ghana, or to CityDance Conservatory, where he has taught and created over the years.  CityDance Conservatory is always honored to co-present his beautiful work and looks forward to continuing this vital connection from past to present to future.