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On February 5th, CityDance Conservatory alumna Rebecca Myles Stewart was featured as part of Black Heritage Month on NBC4. Speaking to Washington D.C. reporter Aimee Cho, a former ballet dancer herself, Rebecca made sure to mention how well CityDance Conservatory prepared her for her transition to the Royal Ballet School, where she has trained for the past three years. 

Rebecca started at CityDance Conservatory, in The Strathmore Music Center in North Bethesda, Maryland, when she was 12 years old. It was at CityDance that she received the individually tailored instruction that provided her a strong foundation both physically and mentally  to adapt to the large group classes at The Royal Ballet. Her own perseverance, drive, innate talent and exceptional spirit make Rebecca an inspiration to all, and someone to watch as she develops in her dancing career.  Congratulations Rebecca!