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Go behind the scenes with Sri Lankan dancer Asanga Domask before her performance this Saturday and Sunday at the Strathmore. In this video you will learn more about the costumes and village life.
Sri Lankan Dance Costumes
CityDance Presents “Nruthyanjalie”
Traditional and Folk Dance of Sri Lanka by Asanga Domask
CityDance Studio Theater at Strathmore, Studio 405

Come celebrate an evening of traditional Sri Lankan dance where intricate movements, drum rhythms, and elaborate costumes will bring you to a different time and place in history. The choreography builds upon thousands of years of traditions with deep roots in everyday village life, Buddhist religious customs, and ceremonial celebrations for the island’s royalty. This concert features group and solo world premieres aimed at preserving an ancient art form that is central to Sri Lankan culture and heritage. This is a concert not to be missed this spring!

This performance will last approximately 90 minutes.