Celebrating a birthday? Spend it with CityDance (previously Badlands)! We bring the indoor space and play to you so you never have to worry about a rain date. 

At CityDance, our birthday parties are perfect for parents looking for an indoor option that feels like you’re outdoors. We provide private spaces for gathering your guests that you can decorate to your liking. The accommodating play space is not only gorgeous and fun, but safe for children of all ages. If you want to give your child a special surprise, we encourage adding one of our dance classes hosted by CityDance to the day’s event! 

Bring your cake, decorations, and party favors and let CityDance be the venue for all of your party needs! Explore our party packages below and contact us at birthdayparty@citydance.net to schedule with us!

Our party packages and sample timelines are below:

  • Platinum Party: 3.5 hour rental, 2.5 hour party time = $500
  • Glitter Party: 3 hour rental, 2 hour party time = $400
  • Confetti Party: 2.5 hour rental, 1.5 hour party time = $300
  • Dance Party: 3.25 hour rental,  2.25 hour party time + 30-minute Dance class = $605

All parties allow 12 kids and 12 parents, additional children are $12 per child. Party maximum is 16 children.

CityDance Optional Add Ons:

  • A dance class can also be added in an adjacent room
    • Book one of our acclaimed teachers for a bumpin’ 30-minute dance class in one of these genres: creative movement, ballet, hip hop, jazz, modern or tap!
      • Entails Dance Studio, 1 Teacher and 1 Teacher Assistant
      • Classes will be 30 minutes

Take a look at our spaces!

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What is the max capacity for the pavilion?

The max is 26 per pavilion. Of this number, a maximum of 16 are for children while the remaining 10 can be used for adults.

What are the dimensions of each pavilion?

Each pavilion measures at 32’ x 18’

Will I be the only party in the space during my rental?

We cannot guarantee that your party will be the only one in the play space during your rental. Since we have four party pavilions, you will likely have to share the area with at least one other party. If you would like to book the entire space for your rental, please get in touch with the Event Manager.

Can I bring outside vendors?

Yes, feel free to hire a face painter, magician, etc. Once hired, please coordinate with our Event Manager. If your vendor arrives late your rental cannot be extended if another party is booked after.

Do you serve food?

Unfortunately, we do not make or serve food. Please plan to bring what you wish to serve.

Can I order food/pizza to be delivered?

Yes, we recommend pre-ordering this and coordinating with our Event Manager.

Do I have to stick to the timeline?

These timelines were created to control the number of children playing in the indoor play space. If you would like to shift around the way the timeline flows, please coordinate with the Event Manager.

My kid’s having a great time, can I extend the party?

Pending reservations, we most likely cannot accommodate day-of requests and changes.

My child woke up sick, can I reschedule?

Yes, children get sick all the time. Pending availability, you will be able to reschedule your party with a non-refundable $100 reservation/cancellation fee.

Is Badlands available for public use?

At this time, the Badlands play area is open only for private events through CityDance on Saturdays and Sundays.

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