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In spring 2021, CityDance DREAM became The VIVA School of Dance, which will operate as an affiliate of CityDance. Visit The VIVA School website to learn more.

About CityDance DREAM 

The mission of CityDance DREAM is to position youth to push boundaries, unlock potential, and pursue their dreams through the transformative power of dance. Since 2005, we have pursued these goals through DREAM Connections, partnering with  thousands of students at schools, recreation centers and community sites across the District. In 2017, we opened the DREAM School for Dance to meet the needs of talented students interested in serious dance study. 

“I have personally witnessed the impact CityDance DREAM has on young people’s lives," Muriel Bowser Mayor, District of Columbia.

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CityDance DREAM's mission is to position youth to push boundaries, unlock potential and pursue their dreams through the transformative power of dance.


  • CityDance DREAM was launched in 2005 as a 10-week after school program for 15 students at Ward 8’s Green Elementary School (now Turner).
  • By 2010, DREAM had expanded to eight schools, offering a 32-week comprehensive creative youth development curriculum.
  • A 2012 formal program evaluation and strategic planning initiative resulted in a long-term organizational commitment and five-year plan to significantly deepen the impact of the program. 
  • In 2015, DREAM received The National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award from the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, the Nation’s highest honor for after-school arts and humanities programs.
  • In 2015, DREAM became the first licensee of California-based The Wooden Floor (TWF), one of the foremost creative youth development nonprofits in the country, to adopt and adapt its proven model for using dance to improve education and life outcomes for youth from low-income communities.
  • In 2017, DREAM opened the DREAM School for Dance in the heart of Washington, DC's U Street neighborhood.
  • DREAM is now a 10-year (grades 3-12), year-round program providing a comprehensive tuition-free dance program with integrated wrap-around services and free after-school dance classes and in-school performances at DC public and charter schools.

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DREAM accepts top White House honor for youth arts programming. 


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