Parent Portal

April 24, 2020

Important: CityDance School & Conservatory Moving Forward with Online Learning and Beyond... Update as of April 24, 2020

Dear CityDance Family,

We hope you are all doing well and continue to be in good health. We are enjoying seeing all of your children via our CityDance online classes these past two weeks. It has been truly wonderful to see them dancing and enjoying  their regular Ballet, modern Jazz, hip hop, Umfundalai, flamenco, Sri lankan, afro-pop and creative movers classes  and more!!  It's been so lovely to receive your positive feedback in the form of texts, emails, and phone calls. We so appreciate your words of support and it is truly uplifting for all of us to see their faces in class every day. 

As you know, we have been waiting to hear from Governor Hogan about Maryland State’s next steps after April 25th in order to give you our update in response. Governor Hogan has now proceeded with a follow-up order to keep MCPS closed until May 15th. Governor Hogan’s non-essential business closures remain in-effect until further notice; therefore we will continue providing our online programming for the remainder of the CityDance school year through May 23rd.  Given the success we have seen in our new program of 118 weekly classes Monday through Saturday, we hope to continue and expand our online programming.  Our superlative training and the quality of our dance experiences are the cornerstones of our work and we remain strongly committed to our students and families and to the power of dance in our lives until students can get back into our CityDance studios. 

Regarding our end of year culminating performances scheduled this May, the extension of State closures through May 15th forces us to make the unfortunate decision to cancel the Annual Children & Youth Concerts and the Annual Conservatory Concerts.  These concerts are often the highlights for our young dancers and we will very much miss seeing your beautiful children on stage. 

We feel fortunate that the Conservatory Dancers have had multiple opportunities to present their talent on stage this season from YAGP to Creating the Magic, Intersections, and more.  Still, the DREAM Gala, the Annual Conservatory Concert with the accompanying Senior send-off and the Children and Youth Concert will be greatly missed by us all.  For some of you this would have been your very first year with us in the Children and Youth Concert and we are so sad that we will miss this special coming together of every student in the School and Conservatory.  It generally takes a full year for new students and families to really understand the CityDance training and approach that is exemplified during our annual Children and Youth journey through time, story and culture.

We are deeply involved in a creative rethinking process about moving ahead with your children’s repertory work already in progress.  Regarding the Children and Youth Concert, we plan to revisit “Tales from Ancient India and Manipur: The Golden Goose and Chitra, The Princess Warrior”.  We are also in the process of creating a special Senior Project and a project for the Conservatory.

We value your commitment and dedication to our programming and mission during these most difficult and uncertain times.

Wishing you continued good health and vibrant energy!

Lorraine and Asanga