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March 22, 2020

CityDance School and Conservatory: A Special Message from Lorraine, Asanga and The School & Conservatory Team

Dear CityDance Family,

As the coronavirus has spread throughout the world, we have been thinking about our students and reflecting on the special nature of our time together at CityDance.  We have had such a wonderfully successful season thus far with so many beautiful accomplishments from in-studio training to on-stage performances.

Given the CityDance School and Conservatory’s home in Montgomery County, CityDance continues to follow CDC guidelines, and MCPS and Governor Larry Hogan’s recommendations and will keep you apprised of any updates as we move forward.

From the start of receiving news on the coronavirus, our staff sensed that things may change rapidly. While we had hoped not to see closures and lockdowns, those things are now a reality and we must adapt. Therefore, over the last week, we have been discussing and testing online video platforms and are so impressed with the quality and effectiveness of what we have seen. We are looking forward to sharing our findings and plan with you by mid next week. We thank you for your patience!

We are waiting for additional guidance and updates from MCPS and the State of Maryland before we make any further decisions about classes beyond March 29th, but we expect to provide an answer to all of you -- our parents and students -- by next week. We value your commitment and dedication to our programming and mission during these most difficult and uncertain times.

As we begin our Spring Break this week, we hope that you and your family are able to support and bond with one another in new ways.

CityDance students, thank you as always for your talent, dedication, accomplishments and joy for our lives together in and through dance!

We look forward to our next adventures together online as well as the time we will all be together in the studio and on stage again.

Thinking of you and your families!


Lorraine & Asanga and the School and Conservatory Team