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March 13, 2020

COVID-19 Update: CityDance Transitions to Virtual Classrooms

All CityDance in-studio classes, rehearsals and program activities across all program locations are cancelled through Friday, April 24. We will be transferring programming to a new online system for dance training and education! We will keep you updated on any further changes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please consult the following:

CityDance DREAM students and families: email

CityDance POP! students and families: email

CityDance School & Conservatory Students and families: email

Programming Update: CityDance Transitions to Virtual Classrooms

After communicating with each student and family enrolled in The DREAM School for Dance to check-in and assess their needs as well as capacity for online delivery of services, DREAM rolled out a holistic, remote programming plan. The DREAM at-home experience includes an online portal for students via the BAND app, which delivers curated digital dance classes and content; English Language Arts programming for middle schoolers; tutoring sessions with the Academic Services Manager; and College Readiness program activities, including intensive mentorship for seniors. DREAM leadership and staff continue to remain in close communication with all students and their families through individual as well as program-wide communications to ensure continued support and sharing of information about additional available resources.

CityDance School & Conservatory launched online classes through Microsoft Teams, which enables both pre-recorded and live content to be delivered to over 700 students while their regular programming is canceled. The dance training classes have been designed so that students can safely execute all exercises at home, where they do not have access to sprung floors or large studio spaces.

CityDance POP! launched its online dance education platform for all regularly scheduled youth classes via Google Classrooms. Youth receive weekly pre-recorded class instruction from their regular faculty members. Adults continue to engage in live classes via Zoom in multiple genres of dance. This new initiative is providing continuity for existing students and bringing new members to the POP! dance community. Click here to learn how you can participate in an adult dance class!