June 20, 2016

Alisher Saburov Scholarship

CityDance Conservatory Dancer in Concert performances were dedicated to the memory of distinguished Classical ballet artist and teacher, Alisher Saburov. Excerpts from le Corsaire and other classical ballet variations were danced in his honor.
Alisher joined our School and Conservatory teaching faculty last season. His passing was a shock to all of us.

We share a common love for Alisher and a desire to keep his memory alive through his important legacy of teaching quality Classical Ballet to children, youth and adults in the greater Washington, D.C. area. In order to honor Alisher's classical ballet teaching legacy, Ellen Gustin and CityDance School and Conservatory Artistic Director Lorraine Spiegler have created an Alisher Saburov Scholarship at CityDance for this season. We have received approximately $2,500 and are still seeking more contributions.

Two or our talented Conservatory students-- Makani Yerg and Grace Cho, who received their foundational training with Alisher, were honored with the Alisher Saburov Scholarship.

To support the Alisher Saburov Scholarship follow this link.

Thank you for your support!