March 01, 2018

Petite Conservatory Dancer Wins YAGP Hope Award

We are elated to announce that Petite Conservatory Dancer Rebecca Stewart, age 11, won the Hope Award at Youth America Grand Prix Regionals in New York City in the pre-competitive age group! The Hope Award is YAGP's highest honor for a dancer of Rebecca's age who demonstrates strong and equal potential in classical ballet and contemporary dance.

Congratulations to Rebecca and her family, Andrea Long, Stanislav Issaev, Robert J. Priore, Lenaya Williams and Lorraine Spiegler for framing Rebecca' s talent  for her very first YAGP classical event through coaching and choreography. Rebecca also recently won the top Award of the first place junior soloist at NYCDA  Baltimore regionals in her age group.  A special thank you  to CityDance Conservatory & YAGP professionals, Sarah Ewing and Cristina Vasilis for their behind-the-scenes support to Rebecca on these specialized competition/performance efforts!

Photo Credit: Stanislav Issaev