February 01, 2017

Pilobolus teaches Master Classes to School and Conservatory Dancers

This month CityDance and Washington Performing Arts co-presented Pilobolus’ Shadowland at the GW Lisner.

Pilobolus is an internationally acclaimed collective, renowned for its unique, diverse collaborations that ignore preconceived barriers between creative disciplines. The company is committed to constantly making things, always creating collaboratively, and always exploring ways of using the human body as a graphic and expressive medium.

Before Pilobolus took the stage the company members held a workshop at the CityDance School and Conservatory for our dancers. During the workshop dancers were introduced to ideas from Pilobolus company members on how to expand creativity, communication and collaboration. The workshop included many partnering exercises and they emphasized ways to work effectively and safely in a group. The workshop explored ways to use nonverbal communication to build trust.

The students also participated in a Q&A session with all the Pilobolus dancers where they were able to learn more about the company, as well as, the individual dancer’s journeys.