July 28, 2017

CityDance DREAM Receives National Spotlight Alongside The Wooden Floor

CityDance DREAM was recently highlighted in the Stanford Social Innovation Review in an article entitled “Dance Revolution: The Wooden Floor (TWF) is licensing its successful model of using arts education to break the cycle of poverty.”

As the article reads, “Breaking the cycle of generational poverty is a complex proposition. TWF’s youth program has achieved extraordinary results, and its highly intensive and comprehensive service offerings cover nearly every aspect of successful child development. For more than three decades, TWF’s arts-based program has addressed systemic poverty through youth development, empowering children and teenagers to achieve academically by committing them to a rigorous dance regimen.”

CityDance DREAM is proud to work with The Wooden Floor as it takes its model national.

“Licensing can create immediate impact in a partner’s community, as they work alongside TWF to implement our strategies which lead to student success,” CEO Dawn Reese says.

CityDance DREAM – currently in the midst of a $9 million capital campaign to build a permanent facility in Washington, D.C., and significantly expand programming – is excited to be bolstered by the support, proven methods, and institutional knowledge of The Wooden Floor.

"The licensing model helps us with fundraising and family orientations. We can show everyone how we plan to grow—  financially and programmatically—through our partnership with TWF, a time-tested and successful model,” says Founding Director of CityDance DREAM Kelli Quinn.

Author of the article Kathy O'Brozek concludes by saying. "Now its positive impact can be replicated in other communities, and TWF-inspired dance programs will uplift and give many more youth and their families a meaningful pathway to a better life..." CityDance DREAM is eager to lead the charge. Read the full article here.