October 30, 2018

Order your CityDance POP! merchandise here!

CityDance POP! is excited to offer Youth and Adult t-shirts and tanks this holiday season!

Click here to order an Adult T-shirt
Click here to order an Adult Tank
Click here to order a Youth T-shirt
Click here to order a Youth Tank

If you would like a child shirt for sizes 4-5, 6/6X or 7-8, we still have a stock of our original pink shirts for $20. Please contact colleen@citydance.net to purchase.

Find Your Size:

Youth Tank Size Chart
S fits sizes 6-8
M fits sizes 10-12
L fits sizes 14-16

Adult Tank Size Chart
XS fits sizes 0-2
S fits sizes 2-4
M fits sizes 6-10
L fits sizes 10-14
XL fits sizes 14-18
2XL fits sizes 18-20

Youth (Unisex) T-Shirt Size Chart
YS fits sizes 6-8
YM fits sizes 10-12
YL fits sizes 14-16
YXL fits sizes 18-20

Adult (Unisex) T-Shirt Size Chart
XS chest to fit 31"-34"
S chest to fit 34"-37"
M chest to fit 38"-41"
L chest to fit 42"-45"
XL chest to fit 46"-49"
2XL chest to fit 50"-53"
3XL chest to fit 54"-57"
4XL chest to fit 58"-61"