May 29 2021

CityDance School & Conservatory Children & Youth Concert

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

CityDance School & Conservatory Children & Youth Concert: Tales from Ancient India

Saturday, May 29 at 1pm

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CityDance School & Conservatory is thrilled to present our 2020-2021 annual Children & Youth Concert: Tales from Ancient India and Manipur via Vimeo on Saturday, May 29 at 1pm! Join our talented School & Conservatory dancers as they celebrate two magical tales from Indian culture!

Act One will showcase our re-creation of the traditional East Indian Jataka Shadow Puppet tale, The Golden Goose, which tells the story of a king who seeks the magical powers of the feathers of an elusive and rare goose that soars in the sky in a golden beam of light during Diwali.

Act Two, Chitra, the Princess Warrior, will transport us to the ancient Kingdom of Manipur (now Burma) the jewel of India. Chitra is beautiful, courageous and intelligent and is known for her victories in battle. Chitra finds her destiny in a meeting with another famous warrior, Arjuna, who has traveled to Manipur to seek the meaning of his life and true love. He meets Chitra and they become fast friends, but Chitra must find the courage to reveal herself as the princess warrior. Chitra finds courage in love and tells Anjuna the truth. In the end, the Manipur people can celebrate the marriage of The Pandava Arjuna and the Princess Warrior Chitra and the unity of both their peoples!

This two-hour concert will feature pre-recorded performances by our Upper and Lower School students. Conservatory Repertory will also be highlighted in the signature work of Stanislav Issaev, Robert J. Priore and Lorraine Spiegler. And Sri Lankan master teacher Asanga Domask, Managing Director of the School, will share traditional Sri Lankan culture and traditions through her choreography.

In-house Teaching Artists Adjetey Klufio, Alicia Canterna, DaRyus O'Neil, Diana Amalfitano, Jill Peterson, Keith Lamelle Thomas, Monique Walker, Olga Aru, Robert J. Priore, Sarah J. Ewing, Therese Gahl, Olga Aru, Tevin Williams and Alana Sibrian have also created new work for these stories.


CityDance recognizes the huge impact that the pandemic has had on everyone our students, families, staff and faculty. As a thank you for the support youve shown over the past year and for your commitment to our School & Conservatory, all of our annual performances are being offered free of charge. We urge you to consider making a donation of the normal ticket price of $25 to benefit the CityDance Conservatory Alisher Saburov Scholarship Fund. Your support allows talented students to continue to receive financial support as we look forward to the future and leave this difficult year behind us!