About CityDance


Alexandra Nowakowski

President & CEO


Asanga Domask

Managing Director, CityDance School

Chandini Darby

Co-Director, CityDance DREAM


Kelli Quinn

Co-Director, CityDance DREAM


Letitia Hays

Chief Operating Officer


Lorraine Audeoud Spiegler

Artistic Director, School & Conservatory


Rachel DiLeo

Director of Organizational Development


Ivy Chow

Director, CityDance POP!

Marketing and Development

Larkin Cohan

Development Manager

Sarah J. Ewing

Grants Manager and Technology Specialist

Megan Lawrence

Marketing Manager

Megan Piluk

Senior Manager, Marketing and External Relations


Chandini Darby

Co-Director, CityDance DREAM


Asanga Domask

Managing Director, CityDance School

Irina Lapteva

Managing Director, CityDance Conservatory

Stanislav Issaev

Ballet Master, CityDance Conservatory

Anatoli Kucheruk

Ballet Master Emeritus, CityDance Conservatory

Diana Amalfitano

Part-Time Rehearsal Assistant, CityDance Conservatory

Anna Canova

Front Desk Administrator, CityDance School and Conservatory

Amber Davis

Program Administrator, CityDance DREAM

Kaitlin Madzelan

POP! Program Assistant

Marie Renee McNair

Summer Camp Manager, Faculty, CityDance School & Conservatory

Natalie Palumbo

Front Desk Administrator at Rockville

Robert J. Priore


Katrina Toombs

Front Desk Administrator

Irina Vakhromeeva

Senior Teaching Faculty

Cristina Vasilis

Sr. Manager, Special Projects CityDance School and Conservatory

Operations and Administration

Imani Bowman

Program Manager, School

Mary DeBlasio

Administrative Assistant, CityDance Conservatory

Kathleen Emerson

Business Manager

Sheila Emerson

CityDance School and Conservatory Registrar

Janet Imobisa

Academic Services Manager, CityDance DREAM

Colleen Kerwin

POP! Program Manager

Rian Matthews

Center Manager, CityDance DREAM

Jennifer O'Brien

Operations Manager

Cierra Woods

Front Desk Administrator, CityDance DREAM